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Inspection Trips

Inspection Trips can be arranged wherever you are coming from. D. Zavos Group
can assist you to set up your inspection trip through their travel agents, who have been
genuine business associates for years. Inspection trips can be tailor-made according
to every individual’s tastes. The duration of stay in Cyprus is 3 or 4 nights
in a 3*, 4* or 5* hotel.

Usually the schedule is as follows:

Day 1: Arrival at the airport, pick-up and transfer to the hotel,
Day 2: Meet with one of our Sales Executives, visit our Head Offices and arrange viewings on selected properties,
Day 3: Repeat property viewings (if required) and finalise all financial and legal details,
Day 4: Departure from the hotel and transfer to the airport.
Moreover, your expenses can be fully refunded by D. Zavos Group if you purchase
a property during your inspection trip. Inspection Trip refunds are subject to evaluation
prior to your arrival: once you apply for an inspection trip, elements such as point
of departure, duration of stay and so on are examined and then a refund permission
is granted and applied only if a property is purchased.

The procedure is simple:

Contact us at info@zavos.com to apply for an Inspection Trip,
Give us details of your desired arrival/departure dates and any other requirements you may have,
After the Inspection Trip is arranged, we inform you if a refund can be applied,
If you have permission for a refund and if you purchase a property during your visit, then your expenses will be fully covered.

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