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Furniture & Electrical Appliances Packages


Furnishing your home is a pleasant process but it can become tiring and stressful from the several different choices and the various retail shops around in the market. Aiming at the hassle-free and comfort in clients’ furnishing decisions, D. Zavos Group managed to make special arrangements with main retailers in order to provide clients with a proper selection of quality furniture at special prices.

Through the D. Zavos Group complete Furniture & Electrical Appliances Packages, customers can choose the perfect furniture and electrical appliances that suit their needs and tastes at special prices.

Interior Design Services

Transforming a property into a home is a significant strategy within D. Zavos Group for the optimum lifestyle and well-being of customers. This is the reason why we created our in-house Technical Department consisting of professional Interior Designers, Project Managers and Civil Engineers. These people are trained and dedicated in delivering the properties in an accurate and appropriate manner, consulting and implementing creative design ideas and generally, making your dream home a reality.

Tailor-made customer requests are vital for every individual lifestyle and therefore we are happy to customize your property to suit your taste. With our progressive reports on the construction and interior design of properties, customers remain assured and up-to-date.

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