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When we achieve, we usually do so because others have helped!

The team at D.Zavos Group are committed to providing excellent service, assistance and guidance wherever they can. They are the internal strength of the company, it is due to this commitment that we owe our success and for this we are truly grateful. Management appreciate their continuous effort and support they give to our clients. Their hard work and attention to detail are attributes that well describe the Group’s workforce. Furthermore, honesty, reliability and creativity are key characteristics of the fruitful relationships that D.Zavos Group has with its long-established business partners.


Executive Name Email Address
Chairman Demetris M. Zavos zavos@zavos.com
CEO & Managing Director Michalis D. Zavos zavos@zavos.com
Executive Director Yiota Zavou yiota@zavos.com
Executive Director Tryfonas Nicolaou t_nicolaou@zavos.com
General Manager Michalakis Michael mcmichael@zavos.com
Chief Financial Officer Vladimiros Germanos vl.germanos@zavos.com
Group Sales Manager Christos Roussos c.roussos@zavos.com
Group Technical Manager Xenios Xenophontos xenis@zavos.com
Head of Rentals Elina Zavou elina@zavos.com
Department Managers  Name Email Address
Internal Auditor &HR Manager Christos Nousiades nousiades@zavos.com
Management & After Sales Services Charalambos Chrysostomou c.chrysostomou@zavos.com
Business Development Manager Georgia Oratis business.development@zavos.com
Marketing, Sales and Enquiries Roulla Tsangaridou roulla.tsangaridou@zavos.com
Accountants Manager Theano Charalambous th.charalambous@zavos.com
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